Don’t follow the numbers, follow the people
Get gamers' feedback throughout development -
make your product shine!
We at The GameOn Project believe that analyzing data,
reading statistics and making speculations is just not enough.
When it comes to building great products for gamers,
you want to ask your potential users for their opinion.
You ask the questions, we get you the answers.
It’s that simple.
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Improve your product ON-THE-GO!
Incorporating gamer feedback into your agile development process helps you create games that your users will love.
Hit the play store running!
  • Test your game on targeted audiences segmented by country, age, gender, genre preferences and more
  • Ask your own custom questions to get feedback about specific topics
  • React to your users' responses in real time
Create a survey that meets your needs
Ask the questions you'd like to get answered.
Use your players' opinions to modify your product to ultimate perfection
  • Create free text, multiple choice or rating questions
  • Filter answers for better insights
  • Learn about your players' gaming preferences by their answers
Real gamers give real feedback
Take advantage of The GameOn Project's gamer community to test your recent developments and make decisions based on valuable user input
  • Over 50,000 gamers posting, discussing and giving feedback
  • Your potential players get involved in the development process
  • Contact users directly for further understanding of issues
In Development
  • Produce user stories directly from the users
  • Let the users help you resolve design conflicts
  • Focus your development efforts where it counts
Just hit the Play Store
  • Get constructive criticism and avoid 1 star reviews
  • Fine tune your product to suit your players' needs
  • Allow our gamers to find your blindspots for you
Play Store Veteran
  • Give the users what they want and improve profitability
  • Learn what the users expect from upcoming versions
  • Expand your vision by looking through the user's eyes
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